The Best Ways To Sort Your Laundry

It’s that time again; the laundry basket is overflowing with all of your dirty clothes. This time around, make sure you’re successful and set yourself upright. We’re here to help! There is a correct way to sort laundry, it’s important to know how to avoid shrinking, color changes, and diminishes lint spreading. You are not the only one out there who struggles with sorting laundry; there are many people out there who need guidance. Clothes should be sorted by color, the type of fabric, washing requirements, and weight. If you use our steps, you’ve got this! 


The Labels On Your Clothes Are Your Friend 


Those labels on your clothes that might get you are so quick to cut off when you’re itching are there to help you! After a while you won’t have to read the label every time but for new articles of clothing, it is important to read the label. Clothing labels will tell you if an item can be machine washed, the right water temperature, and the best way to dry that particular fabric. Be sure to be on the lookout for hand wash only products! 


You Have To Sort By Color 


Remove your dry clean or handwash only clothes from your mix and start to sort your clothes by color.  Pay attention to details! This is not the time to get lazy!  Pastels, light greys, whites, any piece of clothing with white in the background go in one pile. Anything dark such as red, brown, navy, or deep grey go in their own pile. Clothing with patterns is best to sort those by their dominant color. This is best for color longevity. 


Sort By Blended Fabrics 


As you are reading the instruction labels, pay close attention to the fabric with the highest percentage. Depending on what fabric has the highest percentage, wash it based on that. Separate clothes to reduce lint! You want to avoid cleaning lint producing materials and lint attracting fabrics together. 


Soiled Linens Should Be Washed Separately


This might not happen for every wash, but sometimes accidents happen. If you have many clothes with heavily soiled spots and stains of dirt or food items, wash them separately. So set aside extra dirty clothes. You want to prevent non-soiled clothes from getting ruined because they were mixed in with soiled garments.  


Still, confused and not sure of the best way to sort your clothes? Leave it up to us! We’re here to help! Place your clothes in our disposable bags, and we’ll sort them and pick them up for you! Schedule your pickup today! 

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