Surprising Things You Can Wash In Your Washer

The invention, and constant technological improvements, of washing machines, has revolutionized the way we clean our dirty laundry. These appliances have saved us time, energy, and produce impressively clean clothing. You may not be taking full advantage of all that your washing machine can clean. There are, aside from clothing, many other surprising things you can wash in your washer.

Cleaning Products


There are many cleaning and hygiene products that can be cleaned directly in the washing machine. Mop heads are often a pain to clean and if forgotten can quickly mildew. Rather than waste your mophead by neglecting to thoroughly clean it, throw it directly into the washing machine. Loofahs and bath sponges can also be cleaned in the washer. 

Fabrics Throughout your Home

There are numerous things throughout your home that can be laundered in the washing machine. Shower curtains, shower liners, window curtains, and any fabric-based material in your home that is not too bulky should fare well in the washing machine. 

Rubber Mats

Many people often forget to wash the numerous mats located thorough the home. Bathmats, rubber-backed rugs, and even car mats (if not too heavy) can be washed in the washing machine. 


Patio Cushions, pillows, and other like-sized covered cotton items can be laundered in the washing machine. Be sure to check the material inside the pillows, as feather pillows and memory foam, do not fare as well. 


Most small toys can be washed in the washing machine. This includes stuffed animals, plushies, and other small items. If the plushie has electrical components be sure to remove these before laundering.

Germy Items

There are several items in the home we often forget to clean entirely. The good news is that many of these things can be washed in the washing machine. Your computer mouse pad is likely covered in germs, a simple through in the wash on gentle cycle, cold water, and an air-dry is a fine way to clean this. 

Baseball caps are another notoriously filthy article we often neglect to clean. Baseball caps can easily be washed on a delicate cycle and left out to dry.

Other Random Surprising Items

There are numerous other items throughout the home that can successfully, and safely, be washed in your washing machine. These include headbands, hair ties, backpacks, shoes, pet beds, yoga mats, belts, and numerous other items, the list is endless.

Contact Impressive Cleaners for Assistance

It is worthy of noting that many of these items that you clean with the washing machine should be washed on your machine’s most gentle cycle and in cold water. You should also air dry, or low heat dry many of these items. This will prevent damage to both the washer, dryer, and your items. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, contact Impressive Cleaners for more information pertaining to washing unconventional items. 

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