Simple Laundry Life Hacks

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Now that summer is finally upon us, it almost seems like a crime to be stuck inside doing loads of laundry all day. While rushing to get all your chores done to enjoy the outdoors seems like the way to go, washing your clothes should be done the right way. There’s really something for everyone to hate about laundry. We are all impatient people hate waiting. Easily-distracted people hate the folding. And there’s not a soul that enjoys the part where you leave piles of folded clothes in your living room for five to seven days before reluctantly carrying them upstairs. While you can always schedule a pick up at Impressive Cleaners we can try to make it easier by rounding up a big list of our very favorite hacks, tricks, and techniques for making laundry day go a little bit easier.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Pull Out Your Whites

Is your white clothing starting to fade? Try this nifty laundry hack for restoring the brightness of your white fabrics by boiling lemons in water and soak your whites for an hour in the mixture! The citric acid naturally found in lemons can restore the brightness of your white clothing with ease. After soaking the clothes wash the clothing normally and try drying in the sunlight for maximum brightness.

Bring Softness To Your Clothes with Vinegar

Vinegar can be used for your clothing! More than just your classic kitchen product, vinegar can be used to restore softness to the roughest materials and thoroughly remove the toughest odors from your garments. A load of towels in need of a wash, try replacing fabric softener with a cup of vinegar! Your towels will come out feeling softer than ever.

Save Your Shrunken Clothes with Hair Conditioner

Did your favorite shirt or dress shrink during the laundry process? Before you decide to toss it out, try using a hair conditioner to return your clothing back to its original shape! Soak your shrunken article of clothing in a mixture of warm water and everyday hair conditioner and watch your garments return back to their normal size. You can also use baby shampoo as an alternative that will work just as well. T

This is the ideal time to really take care of your clothing the right way. Contact us today for all your laundry needs and more.

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