Simple Laundry Life Hacks


In today’s busy world, with all of the daily chores and errands that individuals have to do, any hack to simplify tasks such as laundry can help. These simple yet effective laundry hacks will help you minimize time and effort when doing laundry for yourself or your family.

Replace dryer sheets with a ball of aluminum foil

If you run out of dryer sheets, don’t panic. Simply throw a ball of aluminum foil into the dryer. This will have the same effect as a dryer sheet, can last up to six months before needing to be replaced, and can be found in most kitchens.

Use Vinegar as a Fabric Softener

Vinegar helps soften the residue in any garments (i.e., towels) that cause them to feel tough in texture. Also, vinegar helps remove any remaining odors and tough bacteria that might be hiding in the garments.

Eliminate Wrinkles by using Ice Cubes

If you throw ice cubes into the dryer, you will get wrinkle-free clothing at the end. However, you want to make sure that you don’t run the dryer at the highest temperature setting, use too many ice cubes, or have an oversized clothing load when using this hack.

Remove Grease Stains with the Use of Chalk

If you notice any grease stains on your clothes while doing laundry, rub a little chalk onto them. This step drastically helps remove any leftover grease residue during the washing process.

Use Hairspray to Eliminate Ink Stains

The alcohol found within hairspray can help to remove any ink stains on the garments. After spraying the stained area with hairspray, allow it to sit for about ten minutes before throwing it into the washer for the best effect.

Use Salt to Preserve your Colors

Salt contains chloride, which helps preserve the bright colors in garments and prevent them from fading quickly.

Use Hair Conditioner to stretch clothes out.

If your favorite clothing item shrinks in the dryer, simply soak it in hair conditioner and lukewarm water to stretch it back out! This will help save costs on replacing the item. Baby shampoo can also be used to stretch out shrunken garments.

Throw some tennis balls in along with your pillows and bedding.

The fluffiness of blankets can often be damaged with continual washing and drying. Throwing about three tennis balls into the load when washing your bedding will help preserve the fluff.

Use tea or coffee to bright the black color of your garments.

This hack should only be used for black clothes. Pouring about two cups of tea or coffee to your load of black clothes will help make the black color stronger and brighter in case it starts to fade.

Save Time and Effort! 

Most of the items listed in these hacks can be found lying around in the home. Using some (or all) of these laundry hacks will help cut down costs from clothing damage and make your life much easier!