Standard Dry Clean

This process is for any garment that can be dry cleaned in our dry cleaning machines. With today’s ever changing fashion and textile production, many garments are designed to be DRY CLEAN ONLY, while many others can be dry cleaned as long as the care label does not say otherwise. Examples of care label instructions that would NOT allow us to dry clean a garment include: “DO NOT DRY CLEAN,” “HAND WASH ONLY,” and “WET CLEAN.”

At Impressive Cleaners, we are a 100% Green and Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaners, and we utilize the most advanced and safest dry cleaning solvent: GreenEarth. While others use Petrol Chemicals to clean your clothes (which we all know by the smell it leaves behind), Impressive Cleaners uses GreenEarth which is not just safe for the environment, but safe for you, safe for your clothes, and has no odor!

Men’s Laundered Shirt

This process is for a men’s shirt that can be washed in water and pressed by machine. Due to the size of the press machine’s buck (the buck is the element that the shirt is dressed onto for the pressing of the body of the shirt), this process is only designated for Standard Men’s Button Up Cotton and Polyester Blend Shirts that can be pressed by machine. At Impressive Cleaners, we utilize high-end, state of the art shirt pressing machines made by Sankosha, which allows us to offer an exceptional finish on men’s machine pressed shirts. Any shirt that cannot fit on a standard shirt press machine needs to be either hand finished, dry cleaned, or wet cleaned in order to be processed correctly while maintaining a high level of clean and press quality.


SPECIAL SERVICES (Pickup/Delivery Only)

Wet Clean

This process is for any garment that CANNOT be dry cleaned, either due to a high risk of damage to the garment, or for any garment that has a care label saying “DO NOT DRY CLEAN, MACHINE WASH” or “WET CLEAN.”

Wet Cleaning is a method of professionally cleaning garments in water using a special washing machine with a very delicate cycle in conjunction with biodegradable detergents, conditioners, optical brighteners, and softeners to clean and protect your delicate fabrics.

Spot Clean Only

This process is for any garment that has a care label saying “SPOT CLEAN ONLY.” A “Spot clean only” label means that you can ONLY clean the visible spots or stains by hand without subjecting the garment to any dry cleaning, wet cleaning, machine washing, or hand-washing processes. When we receive a spot clean only garment we do exactly that. We clean the garment by hand by using environmentally friendly spotting agents to remove stains without cleaning the garment.

Hand Wash Only

This process is for any garment that has a care label saying “HAND WASH ONLY.” When we receive any item with this care label we follow the instructions by using a commercial hand wash method that is safe for the garment and any sequence or beads that may otherwise be damaged in standard dry cleaning or machine wash processes.




Our household items include comforters, blankets, and sleeping bags that are either dry cleaned or washed in laundry. This is a “Clean and Fold” service meaning we do not treat stains and do not press nor iron these items. We clean them either in the dry clean machine or wash and dry them in laundry then fold and package the items. 


(Pickup/Delivery Only & at Plant Location Only)

Wash & Fold is just like doing your laundry at home or going to the laundromat, except we do all the work for you. This service is for any garments or textiles that can be washed and tumble dried, and folded such as underwear, socks, t-shirts, boxers, bras, towels, bed sheets, pillow cover sheets, table clothes, napkins, and towels (Comforters, Blankets, & Sleeping bags do not apply to Wash & Fold Pricing). First your clothes are sorted and separated by colors and whites. Then we machine wash and tumble dry your clothes in separate machines for each customer, according to the preferences that you setup on in your account. Finally, your clothes are neatly folded and the clothes are wrapped up and ready to be delivered.

Wash and Fold is a bulk service so if you would like any garments pressed and spotted for stains please send it in for dry cleaning. 

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