Sullivan - Denver, CO

Sullivan is an urban neighborhood in Denver, CO. It is uniquely made up of over 78% apartment complexes, making it one of the only places in the country to be dominated by apartment complexes or “high-rise” apartments rather than traditional real estate. Sullivan is located near the Cherry Creek Country Club. Impressive Cleaners and Laundry is located south of Sullivan at 9200 E. Hampden Ave in Denver, CO. Taking S Syracuse Way from Sullivan would bring you to our location. Our laundry pick up, and delivery services extend into the Sullivan area. Please stop by our physical location for all other dry cleaning and laundry services!

Wash & Fold in Sullivan, CO

If you are a resident of Sullivan, CO, and you are in need of laundry assistance, Impressive Cleaners is your one-stop shop! We understand that everyone has a busy schedule, and laundry is one of those things that may get pushed off. In order to help, we have created a wash and fold service that will come to you!

Our wash and fold laundry service expands throughout many Denver neighborhoods, which we have found to be perfect for busy people. The steps of this process include leaving your dirty laundry in our provided bag. That’s it! Our team will come pick it up right at your door. While you are busy at work or home, our laundry experts will wash, dry, and fold your clothes. We will wrap it up and deliver your clothes back to your home at a predetermined delivery time. Make life easier for yourself; contact Impressive Cleaners by calling (303)221-0424 today to schedule a laundry service. For easy scheduling, download our free mobile app!

How to Schedule A Pickup

Our Denver location is open for pick up and delivery. Schedule a pickup via our website or by downloading our custom app.