Hampden - Denver, CO

Hampden is a residential neighborhood located Southeast of downtown Denver, Colorado. The neighborhood is home to over 19,000 residents and bordered by beautiful parks. Impressive Cleaners plant and retail store is located in the area at 9200 E. Hampden Ave in Denver, CO. We have been happily serving the Hampden residents and surrounding communities for many years. We are your trusted source of laundry and dry cleaning services throughout the Denver area. 

Wash & Fold Service in Hampden, CO

Impressive Cleaners offers laundry pick up and delivery services throughout the Hampden neighborhood. This service is perfect for those who are too busy to worry about a weekly laundry day. Our laundry experts will sort your clothes by color, wash & dry them, and fold them neatly. The process is exactly the same as if you did it at home yourself, except we do it all for you!

We will provide a garnet bag for you to fill up with dirty clothes and leave out on your doorstep. One of our employees will pick the bag up from your home in Hampden, Denver, and bring it back to our store to wash! We will then deliver the expertly folded clothes back to your doorstep at a scheduled time. Contact us for laundry pick up and delivery services in the Hampden neighborhood.

How to Schedule A Pickup

Our Denver location is open for pick up and delivery. Schedule a pickup via our website or by downloading our custom app.