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Is it Important to Separate The Colors in Your Laundry?

Separating your clothes doesn’t only have to be by the color of them. Although this is typically the first thing people think about, since it prolongs the life of the colors, there are other reasons as to what you should separate and why. If you do not sort your laundry, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your clothes will be tarnished. Continue reading to discover why it is important to separate laundry.

Reasons To Sort Your Laundry

Separating laundry by color is not the only reason why you should separate laundry. Some of the important reasons as to why you should include:

  • To separate items based on their washing machine temperature. For example, hot water works best for whites and cold water for dark colors.
  • To keep different materials from being in the same load. It’s not necessarily ideal to wash an item with attachments, such as zippers or belts, with a silk or satin shirt.
  • To keep similar types of laundry together. Whether this be due to their material or their need for sanitization, it may be ideal to group these items together.
  • And of course, keeping dark or strong colors from bleeding onto lighter-colored items.

Are There Benefits?

Yes, there are benefits to separating your laundry. A prime example benefit is that you will never have an accidental issue. Have you ever seen a commercial where one red sock ruins an entire load of white laundry? This is considered an “oops” moment, which can be avoided by separating your clothes from the start. Ensuring that your items are being washed at their designated wash temperatures will result in maintaining your clothing for as long as possible. Similarly, washing on different cycles will also preserve your items. A delicate sweater paired with a pair of jeans requires different wash cycles. So, it is important to keep separating your items to ensure they last to their fullest potential.  

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