How to Wash Dark Clothes to Reduce Fading

There is nothing that causes more frustration than the woes of laundry catastrophes. The amount of money consumers spend on clothing, and the time spent on caring for our wardrobes should mean that we take the best care of our clothing. However, we often find that no matter how well we attempt to handle our laundry, that our new clothes almost immediately appear worn, ragged, and faded after only a few washes. How do we preserve the beautiful dark-colored pants, sweaters, and dresses so that they appear new? Continue reading for advice on how to wash dark clothes to reduce fading.

Sort your Laundry by Darks, Colors, and Whites

Most people were forced to sort laundry as children. However, as we have gotten older, this is something we simply neglect to do. It is vital to the life of your dark clothing to sort these articles from the rest of your laundry in order to prevent fading. It is also a good idea to turn the articles of clothing inside out before washing to preserve their color.

Method of Washing Dark Clothes

Dark clothing should always be washed in cold water to preserve their color. Other important methods that will help you darks stay dark longer, include using less detergent and selecting shorter washing machine cycles. It is also a good idea to hang dry or lie your dark clothing flat to dry, as the dryer heat can contribute to premature fading.  

Frequency of Washing Dark Clothes

The less often you wash your dark clothes, the less quickly they will fade. As unsanitary as this sounds, this is true. If you only wore your black sweater for a couple of hours after a shower, do you need to rewash it? Considering whether or not an article of dark clothing is in actual need of laundering, or if you are simply washing it out of habit, is an important and easy way to prevent unnecessary fading. Washing your dark clothes less often will reduce the effects that laundering has on fading.

Natural Ways to Reduce Fading of Dark Clothes

There are several natural items, that you likely have already in your home, that can help preserve your dark clothes from fading. Vinegar is a wonderful product with many uses, including aiding in the color preservation of your laundry. Adding vinegar not only eliminates odors and aids in cleaning, but it also helps preserve the color of your dark clothing.

Contact Impressive Cleaners  to Reduce Fading of your Dark Clothing

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