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How to Remove Different Types of Stains

Getting stains on your clothes is unavoidable, especially with children or dogs in the house! Don’t let a silly accident ruin your favorite piece of clothing. Most spills, no matter how tough the stain, can be resolved by performing these removal tricks. We will discuss how to lift tricky stains caused by things like grease, coffee, wine, and even grass. 

Grease Stain Removal 

Grease from cooking, automobiles, or metal can leave nasty stains on your clothes that cannot be resolved by a washing machine cycle. If you want to save your clothes after a grease mistake, you must use a special technique. The secret ingredient for grease removal is dish detergent. Using cold water, scrub the clothing gently with a toothbrush dipped in dish detergent. If the stain has faded to your liking, rinse the soap off and run the item through a hot machine cycle. 

Coffee Stain Removal 

If you are a loyal coffee drinker, you are bound to encounter a spill every now and then. Getting a coffee stain on business attire can be frustrating and extremely difficult to get out. If you act fast, you can easily save your clothes from a coffee disaster. Use baking soda to absorb the liquid, rinse under cold water, and then scrub the remaining spot with dish detergent. 

Red Wine or Grape Juice Stain Removal 

It is common practice to toss any clothing item with a wine stain because, let’s face it, wine is deadly to clothes. If you slip up and spill your red wine, do not panic. We have a solution for you! Lay-out the item, use a warm sponge to dab the stain, then apply a stain remover. After the stain remover sits on the material for a set amount of time, throw the item in the washing machine. If the stain does not come off completely, you may need to bring it in for professional cleaning. 

Impressive Cleaners Can Help With Stain Removal 

Don’t throw your good clothes away just because they have a tough stain. Our team here at Impressive Cleaners are experts at all types of stain removal. We will work our magic on your clothing to save you time and money. Bring your stained apparel to one of our locations in Denver, Centennial, or Aurora, CO today!


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