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How to Remove Common Summer Stains

Summer is almost here! Time for barbeques, sports games, and outdoor activities with friends and family. As much as we love fun in the sun, the summer season also brings along a new list of stains that can ruin your favorite summer clothes. We are here to give you tips and tricks on removing some of the common stains that you may run into this summer! 

Sweat Stains 

The warm summer sun makes sweat stains almost unavoidable, especially in gray clothing. Underarm sweat can leave a permanent yellow color on your favorite white shirts if not appropriately handled. For sweat-stained clothing, soak it in a tub of hot water and vinegar. Then, throw the garment in a regular washing machine at the highest temperature setting. Say goodbye to underarm sweat stains!


It is essential to protect your skin with sunscreen when you are outdoors for long periods of time. Sunscreen often comes in contact with clothing during the application process. The greasy lotion can leave nasty stains on your garments. Before throwing your stained bathing suit into the wash, rub the stain with a liquid detergent. Throw it in the washer on the hottest setting. 

Grass Stains 

If you have kids, you know grass stains are basically a part of their daily wardrobe. Whether it be soccer games, park playdates, or time outside with the dogs, kids are bound to come home with green-stained knees and elbows. Although grass stains can be challenging, give these tips a try. Pour a pretreater onto the stains for 10 minutes, scrub the stain from the inside out, then throw it in the wash as usual. It may be helpful to use an enzyme detergent for extra cleaning power. 

Barbeque Sauce 

If you go to a barbeque and don’t come home with a few stains, did you even enjoy yourself at all? Barbeque sauce stains are almost impossible to avoid when eating messy ribs or chicken wings. However, BBQ sauce can be one of the toughest stains to get out of clothing. First, run cold water over the stain, let the liquid detergent sit on it for a few minutes, blot with vinegar, then rinse. You may have to repeat this process several times until the stain fully lifts from the clothing. 

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