How To Get Stains Out Of Dry Clean Only Clothes

Have you stained your favorite shirt, but don’t have money to take it to the dry cleaner? Try the guidelines in this article to help you clean the stains without damaging your clothes!

Checking the labels on your clothes:

The first thing you want to do is read the label on your garments. This label has useful information on it, such as whether it is safe to iron the fabric. The fabrics that should only be dry cleaned are leather, cashmere, rayon, and suede. Almost all other fabrics can be carefully washed at home.

Examine for stain

Scrutinize the clothing for the stain to pinpoint what type of stain it is. The method and cleaning items you will use to clean the stain depends on the kind of stain on the garment. For example, oil-based stains can be safely removed using baking soda. Also, food stains can be safely removed using white vinegar.

Get your cleaning supplies together:

You will need the following supplies regardless of the type of stain: a cloth or towel, paper towels, a scraper, cold water.

Scrape off difficult dirt

Goopy textures such as much or jelly can be difficult to scrape off. A butter knife will help scrape off any rough textures. Next, you should use a clean towel to blot the stain. You will want to avoid worsening the stain by moving your towel if you notice the stain spreading further onto the clothes. You might have to add a cleaning solution if the water is not strong enough to remove the stain. After the stain is removed, blot the area with a wet cloth to remove the cleaning solution. Allow your garment to air dry after removing the cleaning solution.

Miscellaneous Advice to Clean Clothes that claim to be Dry Clean Only

  • You can invest in dry cleaning kits for the home.
  • Alcohol is very effective at removing many stains. Always have a bottle of hand sanitizer along with cotton swabs to remove any stains immediately.
  • Effective stain removal products such as Carbona Stain Devils can be useful to have on hand.
  • When it comes to removing a stain, the faster you treat it after the stain happens, the better chances you have of entirely removing the stain.
  • Try rubbing the solution on a hidden area of the garment (the inside) as a test before applying it to the stain to see if it will ruin the color.

It is important to note that not no matter how many hacks you use, sometimes it is best to dry clean a garment to prevent damage. The cleaning method discussed in this article can be a practical way to cut down costs, but should not be used under certain circumstances. It is best to do your research about a specific fabric before attempting to clean it at home.