How To Clean A Suit Jacket

Getting Your Jacket Ready to Clean:

            If you want to save a lot of money by avoiding the dry cleaner, knowing how to wash and clean a suit jacket at home without damaging it will be very beneficial for you! Only certain fabrics can be cleaned at home without damage. You will need to make sure your suit is made out of either linen, cotton, or wool before you can start cleaning it. This four-step process will guide you on how to wash your suit jacket at home at little or no cost.

  1. Spot Clean the suit jacket– The first step requires examining your suit for any stains and treating those stains before you try to wash the suit. After you discover all stains, you want to gently remove those stains using a wet bar of wool soap. The areas on the suit more likely to get dirty are the arm areas, cuffs of the jacket, and the collar. Make sure to pay special attention to these areas by running the soap under them. Wool suits can also be cleaned by running a suit brush over them.
  2. Wash the suit jacket – The second step requires washing your suit. First, you will need to find a large, mesh garment bag to put your jacket in. You want to make sure the bag does not fit too tightly around your jacket. Make sure you turn your jacket upside down before placing it in the bag. Next, set your washer to the delicate wool cycle setting. Pour in some liquid wool soap and let the washer complete the cycle.
  3. Hanging the suit jacket- You will need to dry your jacket after the washing cycle is complete. In no circumstances should you put the suit jacket inside the drying machine. Instead, you will want to hang your suit jacket up and let it air dry. Wooden hangers are best for drying suit jackets.
  4. Steaming – The final step involves steaming your suit jacket to remove any wrinkles. You should steam your jacket while it is wet to avoid any more wrinkles being caused by the air-drying process. Make sure to steam the suit gently so you don’t damage the shape of the jacket. Steam the outside of the jacket first, then turn it upside down to steam the inside. Next, let the suit rest and completely dry before running over it with a steamer a second time to remove any remaining wrinkles.

Conclusion: Maintaining your Suit Jacket

            You will want to steam your suit regularly to keep it in good shape. Also, reading the labels on your suit jacket and following instructions on any specific care will help maintain the quality longer. Truly, following the steps above will help you cut down costs drastically by avoiding the dry cleaner.