Guide To Laundry Symbols

Extend The Life of Your Clothes

At first glance,  laundry labels can seem confusing and overwhelming, but once you know exactly what they mean you’ll learn that they’re very useful to extend the life of your clothes. The washing instruction symbols on the care labels of your clothes tell you precisely how to do the washing and drying for the specific fabrics used, including information for bleaching and ironing. We have created an easy guide to all of the laundry care symbols that you may see on your clothing tags. With all these instructions in one place, it will make life easy.

Washing Symbols

Laundry Vector Icons set washing symbols
Laundry Vector Icons set washing symbols

The washing symbols are used to instruct you on how to wash the article of clothing. The tub icon lets you know exactly how to wash the garment with underscored lines indicating the recommended cycle and black dots representing water temperature. An X, warns to not machine wash at all.

Certain washing symbols can also give you an idea for temperature, indicated by the number of dots in the tub of water symbol, whereas different cycle types are represented by a tub with one or two lines drawn under it.

Ironing Symbols

Laundry Vector Icons set ironing symbols

Ironing symbols will recommend exactly how to iron your clothing. The black dots inside the iron symbol represent the temperature, while an X over the iron means you should not iron the item.

Drying Symbols

Laundry Vector Icons set drying symbols

For drying symbols, the item should have instructions if the garment should be air or tumble dried. The lines inside the square will tell you how an item should be air-dried, while the dots inside the square indicate the recommended heat setting if you are using a machine to dry your clothes.

Dry Cleaning Symbols

Laundry Vector Icons set dry cleaning symbols

Dry cleaning symbols are a little easier to understand. They will help you determine if an item should or should not be dry cleaned or if you should opt for wet cleaning. 

Now that you know what your clothes’ laundry symbols mean, you are less likely to continue to damage your clothes. When it comes to clothing maintenance, the fine print matters. Trust us to pay attention to all your washing needs with our wash and fold service which is similar to doing your laundry at home or doing laundry at your local laundromat, except we do all the washing and folding for you. We offer this service for textiles or garments that are washable, can be tumble dried and folded. Schedule a pickup today!