Standard Dry Clean

Our dry cleaning process is for any garment that can be dry cleaned in our dry cleaning machines. We know with today’s ever-changing fashion and textile production, many brands make their garments to be designed to only be dry cleaned only but you can also dry clean garments without the specific care warnings.

We Do Not Dry Clean: Garments labeled with instructions that sat “DO NOT DRY CLEAN,” “HAND WASH ONLY,” and “WET CLEAN.”

Impressive Cleaners is a 100% Green and Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaners. We utilize the most advanced and safest dry cleaning solvent: GreenEarth. We choose to use GreenEarth because of the added safety for the environment, safety for you, safety for your clothes, and its odor free!

Pick Up Delivery Pricing


Fancy Dress $6.99

Full Length Garment $7.99

Coat (Heavy/Long) $7.99

Any Size Comforter, Blanket, Sleeping Bag $25

In-store Drop Off Dry Cleaning Pricing

4.99 Per Item

Any standard Garmet

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