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Dry Cleaning Vs. Laundry Cleaning

If you have ever gotten your clothing cleaned by a laundry service, you may be wondering what the difference is between dry cleaning and regular laundry cleaning. These types of services are not the same but often get mixed up. The main difference between the two is that dry cleaning does not use water, while laundering does. There advantages and disadvantages to each type depending on the clothes you are getting washed. You should know the difference between the two in order to choose the best kind of cleaning for your clothing. 


Advantages of Dry Cleaning Vs. Laundry

Dry cleaning usually incorporates the use of chemicals to get rid of stains, so this method works better at removing tough spots on the clothing. The dry method is often used for formal attire because it lowers the risk of shrinkage and bleeding and makes the clothing last longer. On the opposing side, laundering uses water instead of chemicals, so no chemical smell is left after the cleaning. The other main advantage to laundry cleaning is that it is better for the environment with the absence of chemicals and the use of almost half the amount of energy in the process. 


Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning Vs. Laundry 

The significant disadvantages of dry cleaning have to do with the chemical process used. Hazardous chemicals can be released into the environment and left on your clothes producing an unpleasant odor. However, the traditional laundry cleaning method with detergent and water may not entirely remove your clothing’s tough stains. Laundering is also risky for professional clothing because it is more likely to bleed or shrink during the washing process. Another disadvantage of dry cleaning is that it typically costs almost double what the regular laundry service costs. 


So What Should You Choose? 

Again, the choice between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning is dependent on each individual case. If you prefer an eco-friendly style of washing and don’t typically need formal pieces washed, the best option would most likely be basic laundry cleaning. If you a business person who regularly needs work attire washed, dry cleaning is the safest bet to keep your clothing nice for an extended period of time. 


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