Do Washing Instructions Really Matter?

Every item of clothing comes with a tag explaining how to wash and care for the garment properly. However, going through each piece of clothing before washing it doesn’t seem like the most practical way to do laundry. Busy lives can lead to carelessness when washing clothes. 

It is no secret that many people throw clothes together into a washing machine and hope for the best. Unfortunately, doing this will cause damage to your clothes and shorten their lifespan significantly. Here is a little explanation of why you need to pay attention to washing instructions. 


Shrinking clothing is an issue that most people face. It is usually accepted that eventually, your clothes will shrink past the point of being wearable. Many people don’t realize that you can stop this from happening altogether and extend your clothes’ life. Shrinkage occurs in wool or cotton clothing and is due to the water temperature used in the washer. These fabrics should only be washed in cool water and not dried at a high temperature. Read the care label tags sewn into your clothing to find out the best temperature for avoiding shrinkage.  

Fabric Damage

If you find rips or holes in your clothing after laundry day, it may be due to incorrect washing.  Washing delicates at a high cycle speed can cause them to be damaged or torn during the spinning process. Certain fabrics such as polyester, silk, and satin are not able to handle high heat. Review your care label instructions before using an iron on these garments, as it may cause damage to the fabric. 

Color Fading

Improper washing and drying can cause color fading or bleeding during the cycles. Care labels will sometimes instruct to wash with “like-colors,” which will prevent bleeding. As a general rule of thumb, separate your laundry into lights and darks. Setting your washing machine to cold water is another way to help prevent color fading. The garment care label will tell you how to wash and dry to avoid color damage.

Impressive Cleaners

The laundry experts at Impressive Cleaners will read every label and make sure that your clothing is appropriately taken care of. If you want to extend your garments’ life, follow the label instructions or drop your clothing off at Impressive Cleaners. Visit the Denver, Centennial, and Aurora locations for laundry services. Give us a call today for more information.


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