College Laundry Hacks

College is when most of us have the realization of the real hard work required with laundry. You might be missing mom and dad and the luxuries of having parents to do your laundry. Or maybe you miss your parents’ washers and dryers because community washers and dryers aren’t what you are used to. Are you having a hard time remembering all of mom’s instructions on laundry tips and tricks? Did you mess up clothes yet? At Impressive Cleaners, we’re here to help! 


Make Your Sorting Process Easy 


Shared laundry spaces never have the type of sorting space that makes sorting fast and easy. Even though your dorm room may seem small, you will have more space to sort all your loads out than in your communal laundry room. Sorting isn’t fun, but you need to take the time to make sure you do it right to avoid mistakes. Separate your lights, whites, darks, and items that might need to be hand-washed/delicate before you start the wash. 

It’s worth the investment and time to use laundry bags to put your dirty clothes away based on lights, whites, and darks. Sorted dirty laundry bags will help you avoid the long sorting process before wash day.

Double Check The Washer And Dryer 


Before you dump your clothes into the washing machine or dryer, be sure to double-check the inside first. That goes for resting your clothes on top of surfaces as well. The last thing you want to do is rest your clothes on top of a puddle of bleach! You came to clean your clothes not to damage them permanently. It’s essential to look inside because someone could have accidentally left something inside that could damage/stain your clothes. Always before to look before you load!

Watch The Time 


Immediately after you start your load, set a timer, or actively watch the clock. Stick around your laundry and be on the lookout for any complications. If you must go back to your room, rely on the timer. You dont want to be that person who leaves their clothes in too long and not allowing other people to use the machines. Getting your clothes from the dryer on time avoids wrinkles, which will save you time on ironing in the future. 


Washing and drying clothes can become overwhelming and seriously get in the way of studying. Leave the chores up to us at Impressive Cleaners. Our wash and fold service is similar to doing your laundry in your dorm, except we do everything for you. Our free on-demand pick up, and delivery works around your busy college schedule. Make sure you schedule your pick up today!

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