Can You Use Shared Wash & Fold Services During Quarantine?

We are open during the stay-at-home order with FREE Pickup & Delivery Service! So the answer is yes. Millions of Americans are being advised to stay at home as much as possible to help limit the spread of the coronavirus, as we are all re-evaluating how to manage daily tasks and chores while sticking to social distancing measures. That includes laundry. When you rely on Impressive Cleaners to do your washing and folding you may have some questions about the risk of viral exposure or spread.

Your Clothing Shouldn’t Be Your Biggest Health Concern!

Coronavirus travels through respiratory droplets, which is why minimizing your exposure to other people through social distancing is the best way to protect yourself. The virus may be able to live for up to three days on surfaces like plastic and steel such as buttons, or zippers, the risk of infection from touching these materials is relatively low. Transmission occurs much more commonly through droplets than through other objects and materials.

Separate Your Outside vs. Inside Clothes

As a regular hygienic practice, changing out of clothing you’ve worn outside and taken off your shoes when you enter the home is a good idea to continue to practice. If you’re taking public transportation or in crowded places, it’s smart to take off your clothes as soon as you get home. If someone sneezes or coughs on you, you should also change out of your clothes. And if you interact with many people at your job, you should immediately change into clean clothing and wash your hands as soon as you get home. If anyone in your household is sick, or if you’re worried someone has been exposed to COVID-19, the CDC says not to shake your dirty laundry—this could spread the virus.

We’re Here For You

For people who are part of a more vulnerable population and want to minimize their outside contact, wash-and-fold can be the best option. The chemicals used in dry cleaning are much stronger than those used in regular washing. We wash according to the preferences you select. We machine wash and tumble dry your clothes in different machines per customer. We neatly fold clothes and wrap them up to be delivered.

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