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Answers to Common Laundry Related Questions

This post is crafted to provide answers to all of the commonly asked questions relating to laundry and how you could apply them to any issue that may arise. 

How do I remove stains that have been washed and dried?

Unlike when a cloth is yet to be dried, removing a strain is more difficult because the dryer’s heat binds to stains firmly to the fabric. Stains for these purposes have various classifications. Thus, what may apply to one stain may not apply to the other. Regarding oil stains, never rub or wipe them as they will just spread more and push deeper into the fabric. Sprinkle corn-starch, baking soda, or baby powder, however, and allow to soak for about 15 minutes. Then use a form to absorb the oil. Brush away and wash subsequently. 

How do I remove yellow armpit stains?

These stains are embarrassing and are caused by the reaction of regular body oils and salts resulting from sweat and the contents of deodorants. To remove the stains, simply apply a stain remover or soak the affected cloth with an undiluted white distilled vinegar for about 10-15 minutes. 

How do I remove ink stains from my cloth?

We understand that you write a lot. You may accidentally write on your cloth or face your pen in the wrong direction in your pockets, causing an ink overflow. Where these happen, just rub alcohol on the affected area. However, this does not apply to suedes, as they require a more special procedure which is to be done by a professional dry cleaner. 

How do I stop my washer from staining my clothes?

The first step is usually to keep the washer clean, especially where it has a lint filter. You must learn to separate faded and colored clothes from uncolored ones. Thus, you must have clean the washer before washing the next batch of dull or uncolored clothes. Also, after the entire washing process, rinse your washing machine thoroughly with clean water and leave it open until every bit of water dries away. You may also want to prevent unnecessary repairs that tamper with the internal components of the washer.

What is the best way to wash a delicate cloth?

Here, it depends on whether you are using your hand or a machine. If you use your hand, you should opt-in for bar soaps with glycerine to give moisture while washing. However, if you are using a machine, you could use a liquid soap with glycerine and wash at a gentle speed. Whichever method you use, never use a detergent as it creates heat, thus reacting to the delicacy of the cloth.


There are so many questions unanswered in this piece. We believe that these are the most frequently asked. It is thus key to understand that in all these procedures mentioned, clothes vary, so their washing procedures vary. Suppose you are unsure of what the effect of taking a laundry step would be. In that case, we advise that you seek further instructions from our professionals at Impressive Cleaners. 

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