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Answering Common Laundry Related Questions

Do you really have to separate darks and lights?

If you want to avoid your clothes being ruined in the wash, it is best to separate them into lights and darks before washing. Darker colors may bleed during a cycle and cause whites to become discolored. Try to keep black, navy, grey, and other dark colors separate from your whites. 

Should I wash new clothes before wearing them? 

Although it may be tempting to wear your new clothes as soon as you buy them, you should always wash before you wear! There are a couple of reasons why you should run your new clothes through a wash cycle before wearing them yourself. Clothing manufacturers use chemicals that may irritate your skin; washing is a quick fix for this. On top of the chemicals, the clothes you bought could have been tried on by many other people during the time in the store. 

What is wash and fold service? 

Wash and fold services are here to help you save time on laundry day. The laundry service will sort your clothes into lights and darks, wash and tumble dry the clothes, and fold and wrap them to be delivered or picked up. Wash and fold is an excellent option for busy individuals!

How to stop clothes from shrinking?

It can be extremely frustrating when your favorite shirt becomes too small after a few washes. You can prevent this if you wash your clothes properly. The best way to find out how to clean each piece of clothing is to read the care label instructions on the tag. It will tell you exactly how the material needs to be cared for in the wash. 

What clothes should be dry cleaned? 

The care label instructions should state whether the clothes should be dry-cleaned or not. Typically, garments made out of silk, wool, velvet, or suede should be professionally dry-cleaned. Washing these clothes in a regular washing machine could ruin them. 

Why should I use Impressive Cleaners? 

Impressive cleaners offers a full range of laundry services such as dry cleaning, wash and fold, and pick up and delivery. Our professional team will handle your clothes with care and provide convenient service throughout the Denver, Centennial, and Aurora areas. Feel free to contact any of our three locations for further questions. 

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